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Seller Information Contract to Closing Contract to Closing – A lot of work happens “Behind the Scenes!” I closely monitor contractual dates and deadlines. You will get an email from me with this information in it. I give you a list of things “to do” for me at the beginning of this stage of the contract. It’s generally very short. […]
Seller Information Receiving Offers Receiving Offers Offers might come in immediately, or they might take time. You may receive one offer, or multiple offers. What terms of the offer(s) are attractive to you? We will have gone over a sample contract during our initial consultation. Do not hesitate to ask questions again at this state. I will explain everything […]
Seller Information Showing Your Home Showing Your Home: Keep your home showing ready at all times. Keep beds made, dishes done, and trash taken out.   Showings will be less stressful when you keep on top of clutter and keep your floors vacuumed daily.   Ensure accessible showing calendar. Generally, showings are scheduled between 8:00am – 8:00pm 7 days a week.  If […]
Seller Information Listing Your home Listing Your Home Prepare the listing paperwork. Fill out property disclosures and data sheets. I will fill out as much of it as possible ahead of time using publicly available records. We will work together to make sure the information on the property disclosures is accurate. Sometimes this will mean contacting utility companies and other […]
Seller Information Initial Consultation   Initial Consultation – This might even be broken up into two meetings if desired Meet with me and go over comps, market analysis, and pricing. What are comps? Comps are properties that are similar to yours in terms of style, size, age, condition, and other features that have recently sold in your area. A […]
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