Seller Information February 2, 2022

Showing Your Home

Showing Your Home:

Keep your home showing ready at all times.

    • Keep beds made, dishes done, and trash taken out.  
    • Showings will be less stressful when you keep on top of clutter and keep your floors vacuumed daily.  

Ensure accessible showing calendar.

    • Generally, showings are scheduled between 8:00am – 8:00pm 7 days a week.  If your lifestyle does not accommodate this, we will block off the times that you cannot have your house available.   
    • The more hours the house is available, the more buyers will be able to see it and this can result in the best possible offer for you!

Have a safe and secure plan for your pets!

    • Dogs should be removed from the home for showings for their safety and comfort, as well as for that of the buyers and their agent. 
    • Indicate if your cats can go inside and / or outside.
    • Let me know any other needs and considerations of any other pets in your home and we will make the best plans for their safety and comfort.

Provide masks and hand sanitizer for showings if desired.

Use artificial scents sparingly or not at all.

    • People may be allergic.
    • Buyers often wonder what an artificial scent is trying to “cover up.” 

Ask questions at any time!