Seller Information January 19, 2022

Initial Consultation


Initial Consultation – This might even be broken up into two meetings if desired

Meet with me and go over comps, market analysis, and pricing.

    • What are comps? Comps are properties that are similar to yours in terms of style, size, age, condition, and other features that have recently sold in your area.
    • A market analysis puts the information on the comps together to give you a current estimate of your home’s fair market value.
    • I will give you a suggested range for pricing your home with suggestions on what to do to increase the value of your home.   

Seller education – from listing to close.

    • We will go over a sample listing contract and discuss the terms contained in the contract and the process of the sale from start to finish. Selling your home is a big process, and I want you to be very well educated.

Discuss offer / counter offer guidelines. Click here for the document.

Discuss timeline.

    • When do YOU need to move? How can we plan the sale of your house to work with your needs?
    • How long will it take you to prepare your house to list it? How long will it take you to pack up your belongings?
    • We will discuss all of these questions and more – it’s about what YOU need and how to make this work for YOU.

Prepare the listing description.

    • I’ll ask you to tell me what you love about your house. What makes it special. These things are the beginning of the listing description.

Discuss the best way to prepare and present your home on the market.

    • You’ll want to do what I call “pre pack.” You’re planning on moving, so you might as well begin to pack up some stuff now. You want prospective buyers to see the house as “theirs” and for them to do this, they will need to see it as depersonalized as possible. This means packing up family photos, mementos, and as much extra “stuff” as possible so your house is presented as open and “clutter free” as can be.
    • I will give you additional pointers on the best things to do to prepare and present your home.

Schedule follow up phone call or visit. This initial consultation might be broken up into two visits, as it’s a lot of information to go over!

Answer any questions you may have!