Seller Information February 9, 2022

Receiving Offers

Receiving Offers

Offers might come in immediately, or they might take time.

You may receive one offer, or multiple offers.

What terms of the offer(s) are attractive to you?

    • We will have gone over a sample contract during our initial consultation. Do not hesitate to ask questions again at this state. I will explain everything again in detail to be sure you understand exactly what the offer means for you.
    • I will present a “Net Sheet” to you so you know what you will have for estimated proceeds at the end of the sale for each offer.

Do you want to counter any of the terms or offers?

    • Every term in the contract is negotiable and the offer is not finalized until all terms are agreed upon.

I advise, you decide.

    • My role is to advise you.

Finalize negotiations.

Accept offer. Congratulations.

    • Once you accept an offer, you are bound to it. You may not change your mind.

Ask questions at any time!