Seller Information February 16, 2022

Contract to Closing

Contract to Closing – A lot of work happens “Behind the Scenes!”

I closely monitor contractual dates and deadlines.

    • You will get an email from me with this information in it.
    • I give you a list of things “to do” for me at the beginning of this stage of the contract. It’s generally very short.

I keep you informed at each step of the process.

    • Some people want all of this information; some people find it to be information overload. Each client lets me know if it’s too much and I adjust accordingly!

Every contract is different.

I coordinate with the buyer’s agent and their needs as they relate to your house.

    • Some will require home inspections and these will be scheduled at the beginning of this phase of the contract.
    • Some will require an appraisal, and this generally happens later.
    • I will always contact you to coordinate access to your home.

I attend closing with you to celebrate the end of your journey.

Ask questions at any time!